DSwedish Friday Future activist Greta Thunberg was arrested twice at a large climate protection rally in the Netherlands. A 21-year-old man took part in a blockade of one of the main roads in The Hague on Saturday, along with other protesters. The police took him and other protesters into custody. He was taken to a detention bus and left elsewhere.

As Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Saturday, Thunberg reappeared at the demonstration after her initial arrest and was later re-arrested by authorities. He was taken away after the first arrest. Police stopped the demonstration at noon, the newspaper reported. Some activists apparently left voluntarily on police orders, while the police rounded up another group and put them on buses.

A police spokesperson told the newspaper that the arrested protesters would not be detained for long, but would be moved to another location. “The goal is to keep them off the streets. If they sit on it again, they are arrested again and taken away.

Dozens of police officers were dispatched during the demonstration and blockade of the A12 highway. A hundred people are said to have joined the blockade organized by activist group Extinction Rebellion. This is the 37th time activists have occupied this highway. With the action, the group wanted to protest against European Union subsidies for fossil products. According to De Telegraaf, there were complaints from beach tent operators who criticized traffic delays on access roads to the coast.

Thunberg recently gained attention for her undivided support for the Palestinians in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Among other things, he accused Israel of genocide. Fridays for Future Germany then distanced themselves from the Swede.