Hertha president Kay Bernstein (†) died of natural causes, according to the Frankfurt (Oder) prosecutor's office. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office reported this to the German Press Agency on Friday after evaluating the toxicological and histological examination. No further information was provided regarding the cause of death.

After the autopsy of Bernstein's body, authorities had already announced that they “probably assumed a natural death.” Toxicological and histological samples were taken for subsequent examination.

Hertha boss Kay Bernstein dies at just 43

Following the sudden death of the club boss on January 16 this year, at the age of 43, an investigation into his death was opened in Brandenburg, where Bernstein lived on the outskirts of Berlin. This is a normal process when the cause of death is unclear.

Bernstein's death caused widespread sympathy and dismay throughout the country. The former Ostkurve singer has been president of his club since mid-2022. He enjoyed great popularity among Hertha fans because he made the club more accessible and down-to-earth again. Numerous fans and many football people paid tribute to him in the days after his death.


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