Our columnist was sedated this week by Markus Lanz and Mario Voigt, but kept awake by the possible interruption of arms shipments to Israel.

Protesters in Israel

People in Jerusalem protest against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's government Photo: Leo Correa/ap

Forgive me if this column starts off a little slow. My brain was forced to shut down on Markus Lanz this week and I'm having a hard time recovering from that. This time the reason for my withdrawal was not Lanz and his index finger moving hypnotizingly over his upper lip, but his sedative—sorry, guest—Mario Voigt.

Exactly, the CDU politician who wants to become the new Prime Minister of Thuringia in September. He was able to perfectly disguise what was supposed to allow him to do this through extensive rumors. “I am humble before the citizens,” he responded to Lanz's question about whether he understood the AfD voters. He doubted who he would end up forming a coalition with, the left or the AfD, excluding both in a denial of reality.

Every time he briefly threatened to wake up from the state of gloom caused by his talk, he would hear a phrase like: “I have an answer to the question of why I strive…” – and then he would disappear again.

The man can make clear statements: Calling Habeck a heating policeman was something that once came easily to him.

sad puppy eyes

What restored my pulse and, therefore, my life, was the realization: this prominent politician will soon star in a television duel with Germany's main right-wing extremist, Björn Höcke.

In doing so, he has actually answered the question of who he is most likely to form a coalition with. Because who is supposed to benefit from such grief (apart from the medium that broadcasts it)? That's right, it won't be Mario Voigt.

But I can already see the post-election analyzes written with sad puppy eyes, certainly also in the broadcasting medium itself, asking: Oh oh, how could the AfD have a great election result?

The Delulu Faction

In its excellence in self-deception, this reminds me of the Delulu faction, which has been trying to make the world believe for six months that the massacre of 1,200 Israelis on October 7 should be seen as some kind of consequence of “the occupation.” . The fact that there have been no Israeli soldiers in Gaza since 2005 (until October 7, for well-known reasons) is politely ignored.

Instead, given the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and the excessive number of civilian casualties, there are now calls everywhere to stop arms shipments to Israel.

The moral fury here is once again striking. Some of this might have been necessary – just as an example – when German companies were striking billions of dollars in deals with the murderous Iranian regime and Germany, among others, was courting the same regime with a nuclear deal – a regime that not only acts brutally against its own citizens, but also those Hamas and Hezbollah have been generously financed and cultivated. But the magnificent values ​​of German foreign policy are only used as arguments when appropriate.

But of course, afterwards – after the elections, after the massacre – you are always smarter. Unless his name is Gerhard Schröder, the pipeline is going downhill.

Isolate the fascists

In my opinion, the deception in the debate about the – undoubtedly terrible – war in Gaza also includes ignoring the fact that Hamas took into account everything that is happening now.

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It was no coincidence that the pogrom took place during the tenure of the most right-wing and extreme government Israel has ever had. It is no coincidence that the terrorists filmed themselves massacring people. It was part of the strategy to provoke Netanyahu's right-wing cabinet to react in the most extreme way possible. Hamas and their fascist Islamist comrades are winning for the second time (after breaking the fence). They isolate Israel internationally.

Despite all the justified criticism of Israel's conduct in the war in Gaza, we must not allow ourselves to be made accomplices of Hamas. Just as we should not allow ourselves to be turned into AfD's aides by giving it airtime. It is the fascists who belong to the isolation.