With allegedly false information, alleged war refugees from Ukraine are increasingly trying to get their citizens' money in Germany paid to them. The alleged refugees sometimes attracted attention in the regional offices of Baden-Württemberg because they do not speak the Ukrainian language, reports Schwäbische.de.

The suspects have more than one passport

The suspects are believed to be in possession of two passports: the Ukrainian one and the Hungarian or Romanian one. However, they would only need to identify themselves as Ukrainians to qualify for citizenship benefits in Germany. The so-called refugees hid their EU passport because this would mean they would lose their claim as they would then be considered EU foreigners.

According to Schwäbische.de, more than 1,300 suspected cases have been reported to the immigration authorities since 2023. Currently, Hungarian citizenship has been granted to 58 people who presented themselves only with a Ukrainian passport.

In the district of Sigmaringen, for example, it was proven that “a single-digit number of people” were actually Hungarians, but a spokesperson for the district office revealed to the publication that “since this fact was known before residence permit was granted, no citizens' money was received illegally.”