dIt's over now, so let's look back: August 19, 2023. Bayer 04 Leverkusen beat Leipzig 3-2 on the first league matchday. The World Athletics Championships begin in Budapest. The Germans don't win anything. The young generation is said to be lazy and lazy.

And now? Leverkusen is proclaimed champion. Maybe this Saturday. And then how? Typical. On the couch. You have to see that. Or rather: you would like to see them.

Then outside marketing will also work.

How big is the championship sofa, where everyone sits and watches Bayern and Stuttgart lose? Wouldn't that also be something for the DFL's new round of marketing: the Meistercouch rights package? Can Netflix do something with it? Can Aki Watzke and his team be sent there (where exactly? To the Bayerwerk? The clubhouse? To Xabi Alonso in Düsseldorf?)?

If the couch isn't big enough for Watzke to fit on, or if he doesn't want to sit next to club director Fernando Carro, you can put a folding chair next to it and sit Watzke on it, with the bowl on top. his knees (but no splinters, right?).

That would be interesting in terms of images, and Gen Z does something about it on Tiktok. Then outside marketing will also work. Lazy and slow? There is a lot of potential in this sofa.


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