Christoph Freund, 46, is not just looking for players: “We want the coach to have some peace of mind, because a lot of things are coming up for him here,” he says.
Image: Imago

Christoph Freund has been in Munich since September 2023. In the interview, the sporting director explains how he recognizes the right players, how important data is and why he is not looking for robots, but for people.

Dear friend, how many football games have you seen this year, in the stadium but also on television?

How many days are we in now?

Almost 100.

Then almost 100. Some days I watch several games. But in some cases there are none, or it's just a short compilation because I want to see a single player again.

Almost every day you see footballers of all ages playing very well. What is the most important quality that one of these players must have to be interesting for FC Bayern Munich?