Thieves broke into apartments and houses in Germany nearly 78,000 times last year.
Image: dpa

Crime statistics released this week show that the number of burglaries has also increased. Those affected not only lose their belongings, but often lose their sense of security as well. What measures protect?

ZCarla Becker had immediately assumed that she and her husband were being visited by a burglar who had done everything in his power to get over the crime quickly. One morning a few years ago, as he was leaving the semi-detached house the couple lived in to rent on Bergstrasse in Zwingenberg, Becker noticed that only the front door key was left on his key ring, and not – as usual – his car keys.

Eva Schlafer

Editor of the “Life” section of Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Becker went outside, around the other side of the building, where there was a parking space. There was no sign of the sports car he had parked there the night before. She ran back into the house to find her wallet still in a handbag sitting in the hallway near the entrance, but the cash was gone. However, nothing else seemed to be missing. No drawers were ransacked, no laptops were stolen, as often happens in apartment break-ins. There were 77,819 such incidents, including attempted burglaries, in 2023, according to police crime statistics (PKS) published on Tuesday.