Howard Carpendale was a guest on Andrea Kiewel's new show 'Big Kiwi Party' on Friday night. When they wanted to celebrate 40 years of “Hello Again”, the pop singer almost had an accident.

Andrea Kiewel will have her own show on Sat.1 from December 2023. The first two episodes of “Kiwi's Big Party Night” were rated worse than expected – despite this, the Bällchen channel showed the second episode on Friday (February 9). The show's motto was “40 Years of 'Hello Again'” and featured pop star Howard Carpendale as a guest, but he was in for a bad surprise as he almost crashed the show.

Big Kiwi Party Night: Howard Carpendale reaches for the candlelight

The second episode of the show (which aired in January) experienced various glitches. The streak of bad luck does not end – because there were problems again in the current episode.

Andrea Kiewel wanted to surprise pop star Howard Carpendale for the 40th anniversary of “Hello Again” and brought a multi-tiered cake surrounded by candles to the party. The host and his guest talked about the history of “Hello again”. But when Carpendale wanted to push the cart with the cake towards Kiewel, he accidentally reached for the candle.

The audience was shocked, but the pop star doesn't seem to have been badly hurt: both he and the presenter reacted confidently and continued the conversation without going into details about the breakdown.

The viewers find the “extraordinary duet” embarrassing

Online, viewers were upset about another appearance on 'Kiwi's Big Night Out'. Andreas Gabalier was also there as a guest, who had to perform “the most extraordinary duet”. It was about the song “Pump it Up”, which Gabalier and Arnold Schwarzenegger recorded together in 2019. The audience found Gabalier's performance (sans Schwarzenegger, who was not there) embarrassing. So bad on the platform”.

The next episode of Kiwi's big party night will air on March 1. It is not yet known if there will be any more episodes after that.