Interview with darts prodigy: 'I bought too many': Luke Littler reveals what he spent his World Cup prize money on

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Luke Littler will play for the first time in Germany on Thursday. At Premier League Darts 2024, the 17-year-old will let the arrows fly in Berlin at night. In the interview he talks about the changes since the Darts World Cup, his passing song and reveals what he spent the prize money on.

On Thursday, Luke Littler, the new star in the darts sky, will play for the first time in Germany. On the second day of the Premier League Darts 2024, his first opponent will be Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin Rob Cross.

Before Littler threw darts again on Thursday, the 17-year-old answered questions from German journalists, including whether there were technical problems. Littler, who was flying to Germany with his parents, was supposed to be connected by video call from Manchester airport, but the internet connection interfered. Later that night, when Littler arrived in Berlin, he went to the Mercedes-Benz Arena and caught up on the video call.

Littler spoke about his life since the sensational World Cup of Darts, explained the origin of his song and revealed what he spent his World Cup prize money on. Furthermore, the 17-year-old shows that he has a fine sense of humor that can catch journalists off guard.

Everything different after the World Cup? “I just do what a 17-year-old does.”

After the Darts World Cup you went on vacation with your family to unwind. Have you had time to reflect on the crazy weeks of the World Cup?

Luke Littler (smiles): Not precisely. It was only a few days and then we came back on the next plane. But I was able to let it sink in a little bit and I still do.

After the Darts World Cup, many more people recognize you. What was it like coming home?

Smaller: It was just crazy. In fact, I spent my free days indoors and enjoying time with my friends. It was just good to see her. Even now it's just about unplugging when I have days off.

Who are the most important people for you to disconnect from?

Smaller: Whenever I have free time, I relax alone, talk to my friends and play Xbox with them. I just do what a 17 year old does.

“I used the prize money to buy too many points for my FIFA Ultimate Team”

What did you buy with the prize money?

Smaller: Only points for mine FIFA Ultimate Team, I didn't have much chance to get out.

Do you know how many exactly?

Smaller (laughs): No, definitely too many.

Is there enough time to boost your Ultimate Team?

Smaller: Whenever I have days off, I relax a lot on the Xbox. And I play FIFA most of the time.

When asked about the daily routine, Littler's response caught reporters off guard.

How has your daily routine changed?

Smaller: For example, I talk to people like you (laughs). Otherwise I relax a lot by myself and play Xbox and darts.

Let's look back at the World Cup final. When the score was 4:2 in sets the dart slid to triple 18. Did you analyze this moment and the match and draw conclusions from it?

Smaller: That was one of the most difficult moments because Luke (Humphries, editor's note) first won the set and then four more sets and the final. That was my own mistake. But I lost to a fantastic Luke Humphries.

Looking back, how do you feel about your fantastic run at the World Darts Championship?

Smaller: I still can't believe what I've accomplished. I am also among the top 30 in the world and I have the opportunity to travel to different places.

Requests from girls on Instagram? Littler “can't look at everyone”

You have a new sponsorship deal with fashion brand boohooMan. Are you inundated with requests?

Smaller: Luckily, my boss does that and all inquiries are directed to him as well. Then he decides what is best for me.

In instagram You definitely get a lot of messages, even from girls, right?

Smaller: A lot of them, I can't see them all.

What are your goals for 2024?

Smaller: I just want to see where my dart game goes. I hope I can have success in some big tournaments or ProTour tournaments.

The World Cup of Darts (a kind of international darts competition) will probably not be held in 2024 because there are too many good english people gives. Would it be a dream for you to represent your country there?

Smaller: That would be incredible. However, I'm still a few thousand pounds away in the rankings.

For Littler, Berlin is “one more place I travel to”

Do you have any special thoughts when you think of Germany?

Smaller: It's just another place I travel to.

Do you have any plans for how you want to spend your time in Berlin?

Smaller: So maybe today you sleep with your eyes on the time (laughs). And we'll see tomorrow, the Premier League doesn't start until the afternoon.

Do you have your Xbox with you?

Smaller: No, not this week. I sometimes take them with me when we travel to the UK, but not in other cases.

You played darts with some players from your favorite club, Manchester United. What was that like for you and what remains for the Reds?

Smaller: It was crazy to be able to meet them and play darts with Harry (Maguire) and Christian (Eriksen). Things are not going too bad at Manchester United at the moment, let's see what happens next.

What are your goals in the Premier League and especially in Berlin?

Smaller: It's my first time in Germany. In the Premier League, like every week, I want to score at least two points (win at least one game, ed.) and reach the semi-finals or the final. I definitely want to score points every week.

Littler: “I love playing in front of a lot of fans”

How was your first night in the Premier League?

Smaller: It was a crazy experience playing in front of so many fans in Cardiff. I think that in Berlin it will be different again, playing in front of ten thousand people.

Not long ago you were playing in front of far fewer people, but it seems like big stages don't affect you at all. How do you do that?

Smaller: Yo love It's easy to play in front of a lot of fans. In Berlin, in front of ten thousand fans, I will be even more excited, but also more motivated. I warm up about an hour and a half before the start and then I go on stage and hope to win.

Do you listen to the fans and what they sing or shout when you are on stage?

Smaller: When you're on stage, you just try to block it out and focus completely on the target. Only then will you be able to play your best darts.

Luke Littler reveals how he came up with his song “Greenlight.”

In Berlin it is the first against Rob Cross. What do you think about him?

smaller : We talk a lot and we have played some games in the training room. Rob is a really good guy on and off the board.

Who is your favorite to win the Premier League? Maybe even yourself?

Smaller (smiles): You always have to cover your back.

When asked if he always wants to reach the final, Michael van Gerwen replies: “No, I always want to win.” Do you have the same mentality?

Smaller: First of all, I want to score at least two points every week in the Premier League. To do this I always have to win the first game. Once that's done, I'll see what happens next.

Your go-to song is “Greenlight” by Pitbull. How did that happen?

Smaller: I was at Wrestlemania 33 in the United States in 2017. I was only ten years old, but it was a really good experience. “Greenlight” was the main song of the event. Now I'm not a big wrestling fan anymore.