A sudden cash shower in the Rostock block making circle? In “Hartz und Herzen”, Jasmin and Maik allow themselves expensive equipment that they don't really need – although the financial need is great and the couple has a lot of debt.

RTL2's social documentary “Hartz und Herzen” follows people who live in poverty and mostly receive social benefits. Money is tight and big leaps are not possible. Jasmin and Maik see things a little differently: although the couple has accumulated a huge mountain of debt, they allow themselves expensive luxury equipment.

Things are confusing for Jasmin and Maiku in the new episodes of “Hartz and Warmly”: their son Lennox is underdeveloped, neither of them is at work, and everything else looks good financially. Even the Wi-Fi in his apartment was turned off for a short time because the bills were not paid – a nightmare scenario for Maiku, an avid gamer. And then the two of them couldn't pay for a purchase at Lidl.

Despite the account freeze: Jasmin and Maik indulge themselves with new iPhones

There are always problems with the Youth Welfare Board as well. Because the authorities demand that Jasmin move into a mother-child home. Amidst all the worries, the couple has now treated themselves to something: the young mother has ordered something – namely two brand new mobile phones, like ” mannheim24″ reported. And that's even if the account was frozen in the first place.

However, as the pair reveal, these two packages aren't just any devices. Maik gets a new iPhone 15 Pro, Jasmin ordered an iPhone 15 Pro Max. In fact, the couple already had cell phones. Despite the financial difficulties, Jasmin apparently couldn't resist the new iPhones.

“Why don't we take advantage of this opportunity?”

In order to get new mobile phones, the couple simply extended their mobile phone contracts – that way they don't have to pay the amount all at once. New mobile phones cost more than 1,000 euros – they are gradually paid for with expensive contracts. “If there's an opportunity, why wouldn't we take advantage of it?” says the 19-year-old dryly.

How Jasmin and Maik want to finance the mobile contracts is unclear. After deducting all fixed costs, the couple still has around 200 euros of free money per month. When finances get tight, Jasmin already has an idea – and that is to rely on other people. “We also have helpers who help us when something happens,” the 19-year-old says in the social documentary.