“Goodbye Germany”: In the chaos of love, an emigrant's great fear prevails: “Okay, this is final”

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Love, palm trees, passion: VOX sends a kind of real-life “dream ship” to the races with the new documentary soap “Full Speed ​​Ahead – Cruise Documentary”. Two old acquaintances on board: “Goodbye Germany” stars Peggy Jerofke and Steff Jerkel hope to find each other again in the Caribbean. Does it work?

The last episode of VOX's documentary soap “Goodbye Germany” already made it clear what will continue in the new series “Full Speed ​​Forward”: Mallorcans choose Peggy Jerofke (48) and Steff Jerkel (54) want a year later. After an official separation and months of “limbo”, they put their love to the test one last time.

Then a decision would have to be made in the end: do they try together again, or do they finally go their separate ways?

“Goodbye Germany”: can there be a fourth marriage?

In parallel with this narrative line of hope and fear, the show also follows the ship's crew behind the scenes, as well as another couple: Dennis Jansen (45) and his girlfriend Valnesia Müllers (30), who share an unusual love story. .

Because when they met, Valnesia was pregnant and weighed 140 kilograms. For Dennis, who had always wanted a slim wife and no more children, this turned all plans upside down. But he was so captivated by Valnesia's energy that he became completely involved with her – and her son Jordan became a loving stepfather.

Four years later, after stomach problems and surgery, the young mother has halved her weight and has big plans: she wants to propose to her lover, who has always supported her in difficult times and has made a special little film for her. show in the ship's cinema want to show.

But will Dennis, who has already been divorced three times and seems pretty tired of his marriage, say yes – especially since Valnesia wants to seal their love in the Caribbean? The answer is at the end of the first episode: after the initial shock, Dennis wholeheartedly says yes.

Between ruined nights and romantic moments

Peggy and Steff, on the other hand, are still struggling with themselves, their wants, needs and fears. When Peggy gets seasick during what was supposed to be a romantic dinner and leaves Steff alone in the restaurant, familiar feelings arise. The evening is “ruined” for him.

Even if Peggy couldn't help it this time, she has felt neglected by her too often in the past few years. She admits that Peggy was so engrossed in her role as a mother and caring for her daughter Josephine, six, that sometimes it felt like she no longer existed for him.

“Of course, there's also the fear that eventually you know: OK, this is final.”

Again and again it becomes clear that both of them had high hopes for the trip and both stated it clearly: “My heart's desire is for it to have a positive outcome, but of course there is also the fear of suddenly finding out. exactly another thing, and at the end of the trip, “Okay, this is final,” says Peggy. Meanwhile, Steff dreams of the three of them cuddling in bed with his wife and daughter at the end of the trip.

In fact, in addition to some small arguments, there are also glimmers of hope: for example, under the waterfall of Grenada, where both are so fascinated by the beauty of nature that their feelings for each other are overwhelming.

There's a tender hug between the two that hasn't happened in a long time: “It was just such a nice situation…” says Steff – giving hope to “Goodbye Germany” fans as well. that there could be more cuddle pictures of the two soon. Three more episodes will air over the next few weeks – plenty of time to rekindle the love.

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The original article “In the chaos of love, expatriate's great fear: 'Okay, this is final'” is from Teleschau.

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