The Federal Chancellery at night.
Image: Reuters

The coalition members meet for a few hours and enjoy the asparagus. There is agreement on Ukraine. Even SPD parliamentary group leader Mützenich is said to have stopped talking about freezing the war.

Dhe leaders of the traffic light coalition used a meeting in the Chancellery to discuss foreign policy issues and, according to the impression of those involved, put the effort for commonality in the foreground. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) as well as the party and parliamentary group leaders of the SPD, Greens and FDP, as well as Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens), took part in the coalition round. All partners then agreed that it had been good to emphasize what united them – but this had the price of achieving agreement in the abstract and rather ignoring questions about how this could be achieved in concrete terms. As agreed, the meeting lasted around two and a half hours and there was asparagus.

Above all, the lively dispute over support for Ukraine and the supply of long-range weapons such as the Taurus cruise missile had recently put a strain on the coalition and caused foreign policy irritations, especially in Eastern Europe. In addition, the demand of the SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich with his idea of ​​“freezing” the war had provoked strong opposition from the Greens and the FDP. But there was also contradiction within the SPD. Politicians from the Green Party report that Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) described Mützenich's initiative as “cheese” during an appearance before the Green Party faction on Tuesday.