Thomas Tuchel was happy with Bayern after his appearance at Arsenal. But there was also a lot of anger in the Munich coach. The 50-year-old was especially critical of referee Glenn Nyberg.

What an absurd scene when Bayern was 2-2 in London. The strange moment took place at the Emirates Stadium in the 66th minute when Arsenal goalkeeper David Raya took a goal kick and his teammate Gabriel suddenly took the ball in her hands.

Referee Glenn Nyberg blew his whistle immediately before Raya's pass and released the ball. But he did not decide to go ahead and denied Bayern a possible penalty.

From Thomas Tuchel's point of view, this was a clearly wrong decision. Tuchel reacted horrified after the match: “He tells the players that it was a 'childish mistake' and that he would not whistle something like that in the Champions League quarterfinals. This is a completely new way of interpreting the rules, it's just amazing. “At this level it hurts,” Tuchel roared after the game.main video“.

Tuchel horrified: “That is a terrible, terrible explanation”

At the press conference, clearly late at night, Tuchel became very nervous: “The referee made a big mistake. I know it was a crazy situation. But that is a terrible, truly terrible explanation. He said it was like a child's mistake, or an adult's mistake, whatever. “We are angry because it was an important decision against us.”

Not only did the controversial penalty scene infuriate Tuchel, but the Bayern coach was fundamentally unhappy with Nyberg's performance: “Every little detail went in one direction, every physical contact was called.”

Tuchel continued: “Arsenal players could complain however they wanted. He was a very good opponent, a below average referee.”

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By Vjekoslav Keskic