Global trade: Infineon also likely to lose in US-China chip dispute

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The dispute over chips between the superpowers is increasingly heated. There are both winners and losers among companies. A recent report looks at who could benefit and who has reason to worry.

The latest US restrictions on semiconductor exports could make business difficult for several companies. They will come into effect on Thursday. From now on, the controls not only affect the semiconductors themselves, but also the devices in which they are installed.

This is reported by the newspaper Handelsblatt. The new requirements have far-reaching consequences: “You can already see that Chinese car manufacturers are increasingly looking for local suppliers,” quotes chip expert Jan-Peter Kleinhans.

European suppliers such as Infineon were severely affected

European semiconductor companies Infineon could be among the losers and STMicroelectronics belong. They produce power semiconductors and microcontrollers that are used in electric cars.

Infineon in particular depends on the Chinese market. According to the report, greater orientation by Chinese automakers towards local semiconductor manufacturers could especially weaken Infieon's position.

American giants like Nvidia, Intel and AMD are also feeling the consequences

American processor manufacturers AMD and Intel could also be affected by the new regulations. “If the Chinese government does not have any Intel products and AMD “If more are purchased, the sales of both companies could decrease by up to five percent each,” Handelsblatt quotes Stacy Rasgon, an analyst at Bernstein Research, as saying in the Handelsblatt newspaper.

Chinese technology companies are also on the losing side. According to the new American rules, it is not allowed to buy the best products from the world's leading specialists, Nvidia and AMD. Export restrictions would become a problem for Chinese manufacturers, warns researcher Kleinhans.

Dutch provider ASML likely to benefit

But there are winners too: British chip designer Arm and Dutch chip supplier ASML Holding could benefit from the current situation. poor could sell more processors based on its architecture in China, while Europe's most valuable technology group clearly exceeds market forecasts”>ASML should benefit from subsidizing new factories in the US, Japan, South Korea and Europe, he says.

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