NAfter the knife attack on a journalist from the exiled broadcaster Iran International in London, the injured man spoke publicly about the incident for the first time. The attack was a “warning shot,” the journalist told the British broadcaster ITV News late on Friday evening. He has since returned to work.

The journalist recalled that he was approached by a man who pretended to ask for three pounds in cash. A man then held him while another stabbed him with a knife. “They could have killed me because the way the second person held me and the first person pulled out the knife, they had the option to stop whenever they wanted,” said the injured man. The attackers decided to stop at the leg.

Suspects left the country immediately after the crime

The journalist Puria Serati from the exile medium was attacked with a stabbing weapon in the Wimbledon district about a week ago. He suffered injuries to his leg. The motive was initially considered unclear. Recently there have been increased threats against Persian-speaking journalists. The leadership in Tehran denies involvement in the attack.

The company behind the broadcaster Iran International is classified as a terrorist organization in Iran. State media accuse Iran International of creating sentiment against the Islamic Republic.

British police identified three suspects. There have been no arrests so far. The men left the British capital via Heathrow Airport within a few hours of the attack. Investigators had seized the suspected getaway car and the vehicle was being examined, it was said on Tuesday.