“Italy is feminine, like the bicycle”: Maria Canins felt more motivated than intimidated by sexist statements.
Image: Stefan Schütz

Maria Canins, winner of the Tour de Femmes and the Giro, talks in an interview about sexists during her time as a professional cyclist, about her “gym” in the fans' basement and why her Pinarello is a lady.

Mrs. Canins, you once said that nothing can be done with “totally professionalized and scientific sport.” What do you mean by that?

Everyone who participates in a competition wants to win. It used to be like this and it always will be like this. Good here! The difference from before, however, is that I no longer see anyone laughing before or after a race. “My goodness,” I think to myself. Life is too short to see everything stubbornly. Nowadays, when a driver like Tadej Pogačar crosses the finish line, he makes sure to present his sponsors in the best possible light when he crosses the finish line. But have you seen anyone in recent years who was truly happy?


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