Before the fall: Tang Yijun 2019 in Davos. The following year he became Chinese Minister of Justice, but has since been fired.
Image: Picture Alliance

Minister of Justice is a high-risk job in China, and the third former incumbent is currently under investigation. He was actually considered a confidant of Xi Jinping.

UUnder Xi Jinping, not only military and business bosses have an insecure job – but also justice ministers. China's anti-corruption body announced this week that Tang Yijun was also being investigated for “serious disciplinary violations.” This makes him the third consecutive former justice minister of the People's Republic to be removed by China's government.

Jochen Stahnke

Political correspondent for China, Taiwan and North Korea based in Beijing.

The statement did not say exactly what Tang Yijun was accused of. The man was actually considered close to Xi. Before Tang was appointed Justice Minister in 2020, he had worked in the coastal province of Zhejiang for almost forty years, under Xi Jinping, who led the province for several years as party secretary at the time. In Zhejiang, Tang was a member of the Disciplinary Supervision Commission, giving the impression of a close relationship with Xi.