DThe investigation against US President Joe Biden in the affair surrounding the discovery of secret government documents in his private rooms has been completed. Justice Minister Merrick Garland informed Congress in a letter that the special investigator in charge, Robert Hur, had submitted his final report, the US broadcaster CNN reported on Wednesday evening.

The White House is now examining this with regard to the president's right to keep certain information secret from Congress or the judiciary. Once this is completed, the report will be submitted to Congress, the letter continued. This is to be expected in the coming days.

At the end of 2022, classified information from Biden's time as vice president was discovered in various locations, including in private offices in the capital Washington and in Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware. The findings were politically extremely sensitive for the Democrat, as his Republican predecessor Donald Trump had caused a scandal with a similar case. Trump must answer in court for his handling of documents. Both Biden and Trump want to run again in the US presidential election in November.

“As I have made clear with every special counsel who has served since I took office, I am committed to releasing as much of the special counsel's report as possible,” Attorney General Garland reportedly wrote. According to American media, Biden, unlike Trump, does not have to fear any legal repercussions.