EInvestigators found and seized 40 semi-automatic firearms that were stolen during rail transport in northern Germany. Two suspects were arrested by special police units and are now in custody, the federal police in Hanover and the public prosecutor's office in Lüneburg told reporters in Hamburg on Friday. Two defendants are accused of particularly serious theft.

According to the investigators, the stolen goods were fully functional firearms that externally resembled automatic weapons. The legal guns were said to have been stolen from a freight train during a legal rail transport. Consequently, the firearms came from China and had to be shipped to a company in southern Germany.

The weapons arrived in Germany via the port of Hamburg and were then transported via a cargo factory in Maschen, Lower Saxony, to Nuremberg, where their absence was finally noticed on 20 March.

The weapons were buried

According to the investigation, the container was temporarily stored between 16 and 19. until March at the sorting station in Maschen. According to the federal police and the prosecutor's office, the theft took place during this period.

According to the authorities, a depot containing all the weapons was later found buried in the ground near the railway station. They were confiscated. According to their own statements, the investigators speculate that the loot should have been sold on the Darknet.

After finding the depot, the location was continuously monitored in order to apprehend the suspects. On the morning of April 6, two men who had specially gone to the depot were detained there.

According to the information, the suspects were a 30-year-old and a 49-year-old man from Belarus, who allegedly also lived near the crime scene. They said they have remained silent on the allegations until now. It is still to be determined whether there are other perpetrators and whether it was an individual act or a commercial theft. It is also clarified whether the legal transport of weapons took place properly.