FAlmost 30 years after the serious bombing of the Amia Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, a court in Argentina has held the Iranian government responsible for the attack. The Buenos Aires Criminal Appeal Court ruled that the attack was a crime against humanity, according to a report in the newspaper “La Nación” on Friday. Amia welcomed the decision. “We have repeatedly emphasized that there is ample evidence that Iran was actively involved in the decision to carry out the attack and in organizing and financing the attack,” the organization said.

On July 18, 1994, the bomb attack on the Jewish community center in the Argentine capital killed 85 people and injured another 300. The judges ruled that the Shiite militia Hezbollah carried out the attack on instructions from the Iranian government.

During the term of former President Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015), the Argentine government agreed with Tehran to place the investigation in the hands of an international truth commission. The special prosecutor for the investigation into the attack, Alberto Nisman, was discovered shot to death in his apartment in early 2015 after reporting Kirchner for obstruction of justice and concealment.

Amia called for those responsible for the attack to be held accountable. “The impunity in this case is a blot on Argentine history,” the community center’s statement said. “We demand that the perpetrators and masterminds be brought to justice and serve their sentences for this heinous crime against humanity.”