Holy Week is the most important holiday for Christians and also a long weekend. After Holy Week, Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday. The resurrection of Christ is celebrated on Easter Monday.

Is Easter Monday free?

Easter Monday is a holiday. Employees throughout Germany will then have free time. If they have to work, they receive appropriate supplements in accordance with the legislation on Sundays and holidays. Students are also staying home. On this day the same rules apply as on Good Friday. Easter Sunday, however, is not a holiday. If you have to work on this day, there are only surcharges for Sundays, but not for holidays.

When exactly is Easter Monday 2024?

This year Easter Monday is relatively early, April 1, 2024. The date of Easter is a flexible date that is recalculated each year. This calculation also affects other holidays such as Pentecost or Carnival.

Opening hours on Easter Monday: which stores are open?

All shops will be closed on Easter Monday. The exceptions are supermarkets, discount stores or pharmacies in train stations or airports, which can sell food on both Good Friday and Easter Monday. So if you're still looking for a chocolate bunny, you'll find it here. You may also be able to purchase rolls and other treats from the bakery during the holidays. Depending on the state, bakeries have special opening hours on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

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What is celebrated on Easter Monday?

Easter Monday is part of Holy Week, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, the resurrection was discovered on Easter Sunday. On Easter Monday, Christians commemorate the spread of this message. Stories about his disciples play a central role: In deep mourning over the death of Jesus, some disciples went from Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus. On the way they met Jesus. At night, during dinner, they recognized him and celebrated the divine miracle of his resurrection. They went out to spread the good news. The sadness was replaced by the joy of knowing that, according to the Christian understanding, there is life next to God.

Many Christians celebrate this day with different customs, from Easter walks to attending mass or processions. Families also get together and spend time at Easter brunch or other long weekend activities.