Fans could attend a live performance of Trolls actor Justin Timberlake before they realize it. From NSYNC reunion on stage at VMA 2023, many questions were asked on social networks. The most important thing is if Timberlake plans to release new music. Besides, is he going on tour soon?

According to a report from Billboard, the answer leans towards yes. As reporter Dave Brooks highlighted the viability of a future NSYNC tour, they discovered that Timberlake had put several arena dates across North America on hold. This seems to indicate a possible limited solo tour.

So NSYNC fans may have to say goodbye, goodbye, to the possibility of the group reuniting next year. Multiple sources later told the outlet that in addition to the supposed tour, Timberlake could also release a brand new album. If this happens, the album will be Timberlake’s first full-length album, since 2018’s. The man of the woods, aside from his soundtrack work for the Trolls film series.

Without wanting to give hope to die-hard fans, neither Justin Timberlake nor his team have confirmed whether this news is true or not.