bJoe Biden remains deliberately vague these days when it comes to his tense relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu. When the American President appeared in the Rose Garden of the White House on Wednesday accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, he spoke on his own initiative about the Gaza war and its extensions, which he had also spoken about with his guest from Tokyo. In light of Iran's threat to attack Israel, he wanted to emphasize what he had already told the Israeli prime minister: America's commitment to Israel's security is “ironclad.”

Christian Meier

Political correspondent for the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

Majid Sattar

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

The regime in Tehran's retaliation for the strike against Revolutionary Guard commanders in Damascus is something that is currently on Washington's mind, especially since it raises the question of an expansion of the war in the Middle East. Another is the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and the conflict with Netanyahu over his military strategy. He recently openly called the Prime Minister's actions a “mistake”.