Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has urged the Islamist Hamas and Israel to reach a compromise in talks about a ceasefire and the release of hostages. There is an urgent need for a breakthrough in the indirect negotiations between the conflicting parties in Cairo, the Green politician demanded on Tuesday at a meeting with Moldovan Foreign Minister Mihai Popsoi in Berlin. “Everyone has to bring themselves to do this now, even if it hurts.” “Those who still have influence on Hamas are particularly challenged at the moment.”emphasized the Federal Foreign Minister.

The hostages still in Hamas's hands must finally be releasedBaerbock demanded. “Only in this way will we achieve a humanitarian ceasefire that leads to a sustainable ceasefire so that the deaths in Gaza finally stop, so that the violence, so that the suffering for Israel and for the Palestinians finally stops.”

The Federal Foreign Minister called on the Israeli government to quickly implement the announcement that it would open the port of Ashdod, next to the Erez border crossing, for aid transport in the north of the Gaza Strip to supply the civilian population. The announcement has not yet been implemented. Baerbock said they had been campaigning for months to open Erez and Ashdod for aid deliveries, adding: “These are important steps.”

But there should now be “no more excuses” from the Israeli side.. In recent days, partners such as Jordan and the United Nations have presented concrete proposals on how aid supplies could be brought quickly into Gaza. “The situation in Gaza is hell every day for the people who no longer have anything to eat thereespecially for children.”

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