Israel's Parliament Speaker Amir Ohana has thanked Germany for its support in the Middle East conflict. The German people have reaffirmed their determination to keep the promise “never again,” said Ohana in Berlin on Monday. Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (SPD) reiterated that Israel could rely on Germany as a partner. “Today it is clear that never again is now,” she said at a joint press conference. At the same time, Bas expressed the hope that “those involved on site will give a two-state solution a chance so that the region can find a common future with lasting peace.” It is “right and understandable what Israel wants to achieve, that Hamas is never in a position to commit such atrocities again,” said Bas. At the same time, however, the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is viewed with great concern. “The Palestinian and Israeli sides must now do everything they can to ensure that aid organizations can safely bring food, water and medicine to the people.”

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