jimmy allen addressed his wife, who is divorcing him, in an Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, publicly apologizing to her for what he continues to characterize as a consensual “affair” and what a woman who used to be one of his Managers claims in a lawsuit it was sexual assault and rape.

“I want to publicly apologize to my wife, Alexis, for humiliating her with my affair,” Allen writes in the post. “I am ashamed that my choices have embarrassed her. That is something she did not deserve at all. I also want to apologize to my children for being a bad example of a man and a father.” Allen’s wife is pregnant with her third child.

The country star does not mention or allude to the seriousness of the allegations in the lawsuit against him or in a research article published by Variety. He uses the statement to characterize his relationship with the Jane Doe in question as “temptations” that he could not “bear” as a “victim of my weaknesses.” He also maintains that “this business” put him in the position of succumbing to weakness.

“This business takes a lot out of you,” Allen wrote. “It is full of temptations that can paralyze you and ruin everything you have built. I am ashamed that I was not strong enough to resist them. I will no longer be a victim of my weaknesses.”

In conclusion, Allen said: “I challenge everyone to reach out for help when you need it. Don’t be afraid of your weakness, surround yourself with people who help you. Be blessed.” He signed the message with an emoji of praying hands and a clenched fist.

It was the first substantive public statement Allen had made since he issued a statement to Variety when the Jane Doe lawsuit went public eight days ago, at which point he said: “I acknowledge that we had a sexual relationship, one that lasted almost two years. During that time, she never accused me of any crimes and spoke of our relationship and friendship as something she wanted to continue indefinitely.It was only after things ended between us that she hired a lawyer to come up and ask for money, which made me happy. leads you to question your motives…”

In response to that statement, Jane Doe’s lawyers denied that she ever asked Allen’s camp for money before filing the lawsuit.

Allen, however, took to his Instagram Story on Wednesday to post more vague messages with religious overtones. “We’ll be fine. This too shall pass, ”Allen wrote, followed by a screenshot of a song by a Christian group, For King & Country, over which he wrote the text“ Only God knows… He knows!

The reaction against Allen has been swift from those who have been working with him most recently. He was suspended from his record company, BBR, as well as his agency, UTA. Both his management company and his publicist dropped him as a client. The Country Music Association also removed it from the lineup for the upcoming CMA Music Festival.

In the civil lawsuit against Allen, his former manager and producer Ash Bowers and Wide Open Music, filed May 11 in the United States District Court for Tennessee, Allen was sued for sexual assault, battery, unlawful imprisonment, sex trafficking and emotional distress. Bowers and Wide Open Music were also sued for gross negligence and involvement in a sex trafficking enterprise, among other charges.

Jane Doe was a young woman who had recently graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University, with a brief layover at UTA’s Nashville office, when she went to work for Allen’s management, Wide Open Music, becoming the daily star manager. . Doe says Bowers fired her in retaliation after bringing Allen’s alleged pattern of sexual assault to her attention, including when Wide Open dropped Allen as her client. Bowers says she was fired from it because there was no longer a role for her after the company severed ties with Allen.

In her lawsuit, Jane Doe alleges that Allen raped her while he choked her, sexually assaulted her at red lights when she was driving him to and from business events, and watched pornography on her work computer. jane doe said Variety that she said “no” and tried to push Allen away during many sexual interactions, and after allegedly being coerced and forced to have sex with Allen, she was bleeding regularly, crying uncontrollably, and running to the bathroom to vomit. Despite these signs, she says Allen did not recognize her physical and emotional pain.

Allen videotaped multiple sexual encounters “to blackmail her into staying silent,” according to the lawsuit, while she says he insisted that the Jane Doe hand over her own phone and other electronic devices when they were together.

“I have to tell this story because there is no way I would let my daughter get anywhere near a situation like this,” the plaintiff said. Variety. “My life has been turned upside down because of Jimmie Allen.”

Allen’s wife, Alexis, has been mostly quiet since they announced their impending divorce together. Just before the lawsuit was filed, she posted a couple of statements asking to be left alone: ​​”Continue the chaos while I recover in peace,” she wrote, and: “My Instagram is not a helpline, so let it stop.” sending me messages about third parties.”


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