John Fetterman has always been good at social media. Zinc Adversary Dr. Oz Online It was a way for him to crush her at the polls. The Pennsylvania senator has been in the news a lot lately, and for the most superficial reason possible: his love of hoodies and gym shorts, even on Capitol Hill. He handled those attacks with coolness, and he did the same on a more sinister issue: strange conspiracy theories claiming he had a doppelganger.

People on social media went all out claiming there were two Fettermans. Sometimes he has fewer tattoos. Sometimes he has a mustache (like Fetterman did, after losing a bit to one of his children). But when he’s confronted with the tinfoil hat theory, he’s a little amused by it. On the one hand, he posted an image of The simpsonsin which Homer’s “exact double” — a much wealthier gentleman who has a mustache, like Fetterman did not too long ago – enters Moe’s house and receives a rude reprimand.

He repeated the joke when HuffPost asked him about this theory. “I need to talk to my significant other,” he told them, adding, “It’s all true.” I am Senator Guy Incognito.

On Monday, Fetterman had a field day, firing back at people comparing his fashion preferences to the antics of MAGA people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren BoebertAnd Ron DeSantis Meatball. But it’s clear he can juggle several ridiculous fronts at once.

(Via Medit)