Since the start of his first term in Congress, John Fetterman has played by the rules, meaning he showed up to the Capitol without wearing his usual hoodies and gym shorts. Everything changes now. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that he relax the government agency’s long-standing dress code. This made some people a lot angrier than they should be about such a trivial way. But as usual, Fetterman knew how to best respond.

Tuesday, the Conqueror of Dr. Oz has launched a new range of merchandise, including clothing that addresses the latest round of controversies. Some of them addressed the dress code issue. There’s a black t-shirt emblazoned with quotes from far-right critics, including Marjorie Taylor Greene calling him “shameful,” Donald Trump calling him “disgusting,” and stylish Tucker Carlson calling him a “crazy victim of ‘a stroke’. Another was a hoodie emblazoned with the words “I vote with this hoodie.” (By the way, all the clothes are black.)

Another tee touched on other recent nonsense, namely the banana conspiracy theory that he has a doppelganger, which Fetterman himself dragged in with a Simpsons joke. This one said: “John Fetterman’s body double.”

Fetterman has always known how to cut his opponents down to size, especially with jokes that thwart them. As a strange fury erupted over the idea of ​​him wearing loungewear in the Senate, he knew how to defend himself: torching the likes of MAGA. Green, Lauren BoebertAnd Ron with meatballs.