jürgen Klopp can currently also take second place in the first division life. And if we compare Liverpool FC's current goal tally with league leaders Arsenal FC, the 56-year-old Reds manager has words of caution. Some would now tell them they have to look for goal difference, Klopp said: “That would be the stupidest thing we could do.”

After Sunday's 2-2 draw manchester united Both Liverpool and Arsenal have 71 points. The gunners had won 3-0 at Brighton & Hove Albion the day before and have a goal record nine goals better. “It doesn't happen on purpose. “You don't win a game and you want to score eight goals and it happens,” Klopp emphasized: “I knew it would remain very complicated until the end.”

Usury of opportunities at Liverpool FC

In the end, the only thing that matters to Klopp is that he and Liverpool occupy first place in the English championship after matchday 38. Of course, it is always better to always be there and have a distance between yourself and the other teams. But they are coping well, said Klopp, who will take over after this season. Liverpool F.C. He will go away and take some time off. The “Reds” began the weekend as leaders.

After the game at Old Trafford, the statistics recorded between 28 and 9 shots on goal in favor of the Reds, but a huge excess of chances, especially in the first half, cost Klopp's team victory in the traditional duel on Sunday. With the tie in Manchester The coach could still live: “I know that people will see it as two points lost. “But we have one more point than before the away game against Manchester United.”

Mohamed Salah (84th minute) at least saved the tie with a penalty kick after Bruno Fernandes (50th) with a goal from 40 meters and Kobbie Mainoo (67th) turned the game around for Man United. Manager Erik ten Hag's team seemed to have no chance in the first half, but with the generous help of the guests they managed to come back. Colombian Luis Díaz (23rd) gave the reds the advantage.

Also in the championship race is defending champion Manchester City in third place with just one point behind that. Arsenal F.C. and Liverpool FC. Klopp also believes there will be a change at the top in the coming weeks. But you shouldn't always play for a draw, admitted the German coach.

“If you want to win the Premier League you have to be exceptional. And we are in the middle of the fight, that has not changed today,” Klopp said, emphatically combative, into the Sky microphone. “That's all I need.” Of course, the outcome is not the “dream outcome”: “But I'm not naïve enough to think we'll just come here and fire them.”

Klopp also didn't look for someone to blame. “I wish we had more points, but I am absolutely happy and delighted that these guys have put us in this situation. The same guys who missed some opportunities today are the ones who gave us 71 points, so I'm absolutely happy with that,” said the 56-year-old. However, he also knew that the performance against Manchester United “wouldn't be enough” for being at the top after 38 matchdays: “Definitely not.”


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