Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorced more than a decade ago, but the singer’s previous comments about the relationship have recently resurfaced.

British comedian and actor Brand was accused over the weekend of rape, sexual assault and other abusive behavior. Numerous women reported having been sexually assaulted by him between 2006 and 2013, according to a joint investigation shared on Saturday by the Times of London and the Channel 4 news show “Dispatches.” Shortly after news of the allegations broke, social media users recalled what Perry said about her ex-husband in 2013.

“He didn’t like the atmosphere where I was the boss on the tour. So that was really painful and very controlling, which was disturbing,” the “Teenage Dream” musician said. Fashion At the time.

Perry, 38, and “Get Him to the Greek” star Brand, 48, met at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and married in October 2010. She filed for divorce in December 2011.and the two finalized their separation in February 2012.

The singer told Vogue that she “felt a lot of responsibility” for the end of her marriage, until she “discovered the real truth.”

“I can’t necessarily reveal [it] because I keep it locked in my safe for rainy days,” he said. “I let go and thought, ‘This isn’t my fault; This is beyond me.’”

At the time, Perry did not reveal additional details about the “truth” he mentioned. Over the weekend, social media users speculated which concerned alleged behavior detailed in the Times of London and the “Dispatches” investigation or Brand’s struggles with addiction.

Also resurfacing on X (formerly Twitter) was Perry’s claim that Brand first expressed his divorce plans. via text message. Perry is currently engaged to “Lord of the Rings” star Orlando Bloom. They have a 3-year-old daughter.

A representative for Perry did not immediately respond to the Los Angeles Times’ request for comment on Monday. The singer has not yet spoken publicly about the accusations against her ex-husband.

Brand preemptively denied the allegations on Friday in a youtube video.

“The relationships I had were absolutely and always consensual. So I was always transparent about it. Almost too transparent, and now I am being transparent,” she stated. “Seeing that transparency has become something criminal that I strongly deny, makes me wonder: is there another agenda at play?”

The accusations have already affected Brand’s professional work. According to the hollywood reporterThe comedian’s UK live tour has been postponed amid sexual assault allegations. The guardian reported On Monday, London’s Metropolitan Police had received a report of an alleged sexual assault related to the weekend’s allegations against Brand.

“On Sunday 17 September, the Met received a report of a sexual assault which allegedly took place in Soho, central London, in 2003. Officers are in contact with the woman and will provide support,” a spokesperson for the Met said. Scotland. Yard said in a statement published by The Guardian.