They say that politicians are truly failed theater children. This has rarely seemed more applicable than with today’s GOP-led House. Since the Republicans took power in January, chaos has reigned, thanks to MAGA kids like Matt Gaetz, who started things almost single-handedly. dragging Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Gaetz even almost dropped his block! Recently, Gaetz threatened to have him kicked out of the concert, which he almost might have done the other day, based on some movement discovered in a bathroom.

As if caught by The daily beast, Tuesday, journalist Matt Laslo came across a curious document on the changing table in the toilets located under the floor of the House. It was a draft resolution from Gaetz himself calling for McCarthy’s ouster unless he agreed to “immediately and fully comply” with his demands.

The motion is dated September 15, so this obviously never happened. But it was the day afterward that McCarthy exploded at Gaetz, daring him to “file the damn motion.”

Did one of Gaetz’s subordinates accidentally leave it in the bathroom, hoping someone would find it? Did the potential future gubernatorial candidate do it himself, in a dramatic attempt to scare McCarthy? Regardless, it reminds us once again that today’s House Republicans are a creative and weird mess.

(Via The daily beast)