YesFood advertising has a long tradition in sports. Generations of Formula 1 world champions had their combustion engines paid for by corporations that made money, a lot of money, by convincing people to burn dried tobacco leaves and consume the smoke.

In advertising, one Marlboro man after another rode off into the sunset, in real life, an entire group of them in fireproof suits raced through the pit lanes of race tracks that Netflix's Formula 1 is increasingly avoiding. She can afford it. Everything is going digital, including addiction.

The Sauber team from Hinwil in Switzerland recently introduced a generous sponsor: the popular crypto casino Stake. The headquarters and gaming license are located in Willemstad, the capital of the certainly attractive Caribbean island of Curacao.

The Federal Casino Commission immediately realized this fact: Stake is not federally approved. Without a Swiss license there is no gambling advertising there. Sound confusing? That's how it is too. The supervisory authority has taken action against the racing team.