It is well known that North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, lives in luxury, unlike his people. Now the invoices show how much he spends on his female artists.

Poverty is largely prevalent in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. But while his people starve, dictator Kim Jong Un spends millions of euros a year on his personal entertainment, the Daily Mail reports.

According to new invoices from Pyongyang, Kim bought women's underwear worth 143,000 euros in 2022. This probably benefited his so-called entertainment team: a group of young North Korean women founded to entertain the dictator.

In historical comparison, the amount spent is really low: in 2016, Kim spent around 3.5 million euros on foreign lingerie.

Kim Jong Un orders chocolate worth several million euros

Kim's remaining senses are also taken care of, reports “Bild”. According to other calculations, in 2022 the dictator spent around 2.46 million euros on foreign chocolate, 3.16 million euros on Chinese wine and 14 million euros on tobacco products from abroad.

These expenses contrast sharply with those of the average North Korean. The average monthly income in the People's Republic last year was 2.09 euros, as “KBS World” reports.