In a statement published the same day, Québec solidaire demands that the government adopt legislation to cancel the subsidy offered to the Kings of Los Angeles.

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«This matter sent mauvais desdepuis le debut et Québec solidaire demande à la Vérificatrice générale d’enquêter sur this appearance of manipulation of public funds. The population has the right to comment and before this absurd and scandalous decision, a souligné Vincent Marissal, jointly responsible for ethics and sports. “The government programs are not for the joujoux of the CAQ who can use the cachet according to their whims.”

Recalls that the subsidy, the amount is between 5 and 7 M$, as but, according to Minister Girard, of “facilitating the event.”

The party of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois intends to submit a motion to the National Assembly “demandant formellement au governement de reculer et d’annuler este subsidy”.

“The honorable gesture for the CAQ is to annul this subvention déplacement et honteuse et nous lui donnerons l’occasion de le faire appuyant notre motion,” said Haroun Bouazzi, head of economics, in the statement issued.

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