Following Germany's unfortunate exit from the European Championship against Spain and the end of his own career, Toni Kroos talks about the deep feeling of emptiness that gripped him. This feeling is comparable to the defeat in the Champions League final in 2012.

“It was a huge void that I last felt in 2012, when we lost the Champions League final,” Toni Kroos reveals in his podcast just lick it. At that time, the midfield strategist was still dealing with that FC Bayern Unfortunately we lost the “home final” against Chelsea FC 3:4 after a penalty shoot-out.

The parallels with this historic sporting event are obvious and painful for him, as the dream of a local title was shattered on both occasions.

He describes the journey home after the match as “very long”. But he also adds: “The disappointment was incredible, but you don’t just sit there for three hours and stay silent, but you also have nice conversations.”

“My head was so fucked up”

Kroos also gives an insight into the extent to which the psychological stress after such crucial matches also has a physical impact. “My head was so screwed up that nothing worked,” he admits. At the same time, he describes how even the simplest physical activities became a challenge.

“If we had progressed, we would have been against it France “I played in the semi-finals of the European Championship and I would have been in top form. But I couldn't take a step. I was in pain all over, from top to bottom,” said Kroos.

Kroos, however, sees the tournament as a positive outcome. “It can be very valuable to feel like we are at the top of the table again,” he said. The 34-year-old believes in the team’s ability to bounce back from this defeat.

He emphasises that the cohesion within the team and the quality of the discussions, which lasted until the early hours of the morning, are cause for hope. Kroos also praises national coach Julian Nagelsmann: “Julian can also feel reassured that he has put together the right squad.”

By Tim Schoster