Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain died in 1994. His daughter Frances Bean remembers her father fondly. and shares his last words.

On April 8, 1994, singer Kurt Cobain (†27) was found dead in his home in Seattle. Police set the official date of death as April 5. Cobain left a farewell letter addressed to his fans. The frontman of the band “Nirvana” left behind his then very young daughter Frances Bean (31), who now, 30 years later, fondly remembers her father on Instagram.

Frances Bean Cobains shows happy father-daughter moments

Frances Bean Cobain shared a photo of her father's hands taken by Michael Stipe with her approximately 1.5 million followers, as indicated by the caption “KC's hands by Michael Stipe.” Frances addresses her fans emotionally: “My father's life ended 30 years ago.” He goes on to explain, “The second and third photos show the last time we were together.” The following shots give an overview of the little time Kurt spent with his. daughter Frances. One picture shows a happy father lifting his daughter into the air – Frances was just one year old at the time.

In his post, the artist also reveals that he has a special souvenir of his father: “Kurt wrote me a letter before I was born.” He keeps these last words from his father to this day and shares only the last sentence with his community. : “The last line is, 'Wherever you go or wherever I go, I'll always be with you.'” For Frances, her father has fulfilled this promise as she continues to feel him around her in many ways: “In listening to the song or through the hands that we let's share.”

“I wish I knew the tone of his voice.”

For Frances Cobain, her father's death is still a terrible loss to this day. Due to his young age at the time of his death, he has practically no memories of the musician. “I wish I could have known my father,” Frances Bean says of the Nirvana singer's early death. Since then, many thoughts have run through his mind and are especially present on the day of his death. “I wish I knew the tone of his voice,” said the artist. He would also like to know his father's daily things and qualities. Did he smell like “Camel Lights and strawberry Nesquik?” Or how did the chairman of “Nirvana” like his morning coffee? “I always wondered if he caught tadpoles with me in the sweltering Washington summers.”

Frances is not alone with all these questions and thoughts. On this occasion, he would like to think of people who have experienced or are experiencing something similar. “The meaning of our grief is the same.”

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