He Phillies They were taking the cover off the ball Monday night in Atlanta. Five Philadelphia batters hit home runs in the team’s 7-1 victory over the Braves—But none of them hit the ball as far as Kyle Schwarber did.

In the sixth inning, Schwarber knocked down a high fastball from Michael Tonkin and hit it 483 feet into the pole area beyond the right field bleachers. It was the kind of home run that has to be seen to be believed, but it’s also the kind of home run that has to be seen. hear.

Baseball fans wax poetic about the crack of the bat, but the sound of the ball coming off Schwarber’s bat was something else entirely. It sounded more like a golf ball hit cleanly with an iron, or maybe even a gunshot. It was a loud, loud snap that made it immediately apparent that the ball was not coming back.

Schwarber’s home run was one of the longest of the season, trailing only a 485-foot shot from Giancarlo Stanton and a 493-foot shot from Shohei Ohtani. He also had the second longest home run. in the history from the Braves’ home stadium, trailing only a 495-footer from Ronald Acuña Jr. in 2020.

The home run was Schwarber’s 45th of the season, putting him tied with Pete Alonso for second in the majors (Atlanta’s Matt Olson leads the MLB with 52).