Heil justifies his request in his letter by saying that refugees served by employment offices should “end or reduce” their need for help. Around 1.1 million war refugees from Ukraine currently live in Germany.

“Take a job too.”

“Since the start of the war, 160,000 Ukrainian citizens have already found employment in Germany,” writes the Federal Minister of Labor. “Get a job too! At work you will meet your colleagues, improve your German and skills and learn to experience the German job market.”

The letter informs refugees, among other things, about the various support measures for integration into the labor market. However, it is also clear that working in Germany is expected and beneficial for everyone involved.

Letter to refugees aims to stimulate the “labor turbo.”

According to a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Labor, the first letters began to be sent in the middle of last week at the request of FOCUS online. The Heils Ministry shared the content on Facebook, X and Instagram accounts on March 22, and the employment office was informed earlier this week.

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In October last year, the Federal Minister of Labor launched the so-called “Job Turbo” with the Federal Employment Agency. With the program, the ministry and the employment agency responded to growing criticism that around 100,000 Ukrainian refugees had completed integration courses, but only 17 percent of them had found a job.

Ukrainians should also “look for jobs that do not correspond to their professional experience”

In the letter, refugees are asked to, in addition to offers from employment offices, look for employment “that does not fit their qualifications and previous professional experience.” This “significantly increases the chances of better employment in the future”, because entering working life in Germany “is not always possible in the desired profession.”

The letter was also written on behalf of Ukraine's ambassador to Germany, Oleksii Makeiev, and Daniel Terzenbach, special representative for the integration of refugees into the labor market.

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