Last Sunday, Lauren Boebert just wanted to go see the Beetle juice musical comedy with a date, where should vaping, singing loudly, getting in hands aggressively, etc. How was she to know this would lead to over a week of media coverage? But all good things must come to an end, and it seems the MAGA congresswoman and her partner – who happens to be a Democrat who has a bar suitable for drag queens – are already Splitsville.

TMZ caught up with Boebert, who happily gave an update on her new boyfriend. Alas, this was not to be the case.

“In the end, all upcoming parties were canceled and I learned to check party affiliations before going on a date,” Boebert said, suggesting that a far-right figure who heckles Democratic president as they talk about his deceased son I can’t last very long with someone across the aisle.

Not that Boebert has anything bad to say about his date. Acknowledging that he is a “private citizen,” she said he was “a wonderful man” and that they had “mostly had a lovely time.” She joked that she “would love to know how the musical ended and I encourage people to go see it.”

As for the two of them, she said, they “separated peacefully”, although she claimed it had “nothing to do with anything that has been reported”, such as that he could have voted for the man she is trying to impeach. Boebert added that he was “a great man, a great friend, and I wish him all the best.”

Maybe it’s true what they say: love is dead.

(Via TMZ)