What does a Republican have to do to be trashed by other Republicans in 2023? Apparently you’re feeling your boyfriend’s crotch during a production of the all-ages movie. Beetle juice music is a way. This past Sunday, MAGA Congresswoman Lauren Boebert did just that while in Denver, and although she tried to deny and twist it, video footage continues to emerge to make it even worse. She hasn’t faced serious backlash yet, but already even Republicans are starting to turn against her.

Ann Coulter — no stranger to trashing the Trump wing of her party — called Boebert a “totally embarrassing bimbo,” adding, “Can’t Colorado find SOME non-trashy, stupid Republicans for the represent in the 3rd Congressional District?

Meghan McCain didn’t mince her words either. “Lauren Boebert is trash,” she wrote on the former Twitter network. “She lectures everyone about how the LGBT community poses a threat to children, all while being caught committing a lewd sexual act in a public theater where children may have been present. Are these “family values”? This is why people think Republicans are all hypocrites. »

Far-right guy Erick Erickson exposed his dishonesty. “On Boebert, the tribe will defend what they defend, but they denied it until it came to light,” he wrote. “She behaved badly. Excuse it all you want – she behaved badly, denied it until it came to light, and there is no excuse except tribally.

Former Virginia Rep. Denver Riggleman simply had a joke. “Lauren Boebert seems a little confused about Freedom Caucus members telling her to ‘cross the aisle,'” he added.

Boebert apologized for her theatrical antics, but only after security video footage was released. demystified her attempts to deny or minimize what she did. A fun detail is that her dashing date was no less than a Democratic bar owner who is open to drag queen shows — one of the biggest targets of today’s Republican Party, which accuses them of exposing children to sex. Unlike someone like Lauren Boebert, of course.

(Via The daily beast)

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