The Monegasque Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) set the best qualifying time and achieved pole position in the Las Vegas Grand Prix, to return to F1 in the city of gambling.

After a black day, Ferrari made the sold red shine with its two fastest drivers in qualifying.

For Leclerc, it is the 5th pole position of the season (in Belgium he will benefit from a penalty inflicted on the faster Verstappen), and the 23rd position of the 26-year-old’s career.

«Je suis heureux bien sûr, pour la première à Las Vegas (the two Grand Prix de 1981 et 1982 étaient les “Grand Prix du Caesar Palace”), an incredible event. Je suis un peu déçu quand même de ma Q3, je n’ai pas do un super job mais ça a été suffisant pour la pole. On va resayer de tout mettre bout à bout pour gagner ici », a réagi le Monégasque.

For Carlos Sainz, the last two times are teammates, the day is doubly big after the penalized remainder of 10 places on the Grand Prix grid, a legacy of the malheurs connus jeudi.

The Ferrari driver is in fact penalized to change an engine element after suffering a mouthful of water that will greatly disrupt the first day of testing.

«The team has a magnificent job, on a dominé ces ratings après une journée difficult hier, c’est incroyable d’être aux deux premières place, a commenté l’Espagnol. J’ai fait le Maximum aujourd’hui. More than one day after three days of what happened here, every day I have done more than ever before. »

” Limit “

At the top of Leclerc, the Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull), classified 3e, is the front-row leader, who is assured of winning a three-year title as world champion affiliated with this season, after having reported 17 courses. sur 20 for the moment.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), the two drivers who disputed the position of runner-up in the world, were eliminated in Q2. Ils parteont respectment 10e et 11e, devant Sainz, 12e.

“Now I finished a peu trop all – four minutes from the end of Q2 – and the other pilotes ont continued to Progresser,” lamented Pérez, with a reputation for being in the air on urban tracks.

«J’ai vraiment eu du mal à trouver de l’adhérence», a déploré de son côté le seven-time British F1 champion. «Nous n’avons pas réussi à faire fonctionner les pneus during the entire session».

On the second row, George Russell (Mercedes) started just in front of Pierre Gasly (Alpine), the good surprise of the day.

«In the wind of nulle part, je pensais que ce serait le circuit le plus compliqué de la saison, a souri le Français. The vehicle is well-functioning, it is there at the limit, it makes excellent tours. They are co-equipper and compatriot Esteban Ocon and will leave, lui, que 16e.

Williams on the date

In addition to the excellent performance of the “rookie” and the local épreuve, the American Logan Sargeant, who signed in Las Vegas with his best qualifications in F1. Il parta 6e au volant de sa modeste Williams, just derrière son coéquipier Thaiais Alexander Albon.

Le Canadien Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) received a five-place penalty for having double under yellow drape during the last free practice session held plus everything sold out. He will not start from 19e.

Celebrated in grand pompe, the return of F1 to Las Vegas 41 years after two races held in the parking lot of the Cesar Palace in 1981 and 1982 began with an embarrassing day at the start of their debut, greatly disturbed by the plate d’égout. .

Cador Verstappen is a man enthusiastic about the legendary Vegas Strip circuit, “very interesting” and the spectacle that accompanies it in coulisses.

They are rival Lewis Hamilton, personnalité plus « bling-bling », au contraire défendu l’évènement, « vous allez voir de belles course », et le spectacle: « toutes mes connaissances d’Hollywood vont come».

Las Vegas is the cutting-edge Grand Prix of the year, ahead of next season’s close in Abu Dhabi.

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