In 2006, the first season of “Let's Dance” flashed on TV screens. At that time, Hape Kerkeling (58) and Nazan Eckes (46) were still leading the show. In the end, host Wayne Carpendale (46) and professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson (40) secured the victory.

For Joachim Llamb, Alexander Klaws is the best “Let's Dance” candidate so far

Since then, a lot has changed in “Let's Dance” – but one thing has remained the same: Joachim Llambi is still leading the jury.

During the 16 seasons of “Let's Dance,” the 58-year-old has seen several contestants come and go. Now the traditionally critical juror revealed which former candidate convinced him the most.

In the “Let's Dance” special program “Dances, pictures, emotions” aired on RTL on Good Friday (7/04/2023), Joachim Llamb was named the best participant of all time.

From Llamb's point of view, it is former DSDS winner Alexander Klaws (39). The singer won the seventh season of “Let's Dance” in 2014 and was also a guest on Friday.

“You charmed us from the first moment on 'Let's Dance,'” Llambi told Alexander Klaws on the show. For the head of the jury, the musician is “so far the best candidate we've ever had”.

Alexander Klaws seemed very down-to-earth. He “owes everything” to his dance partner at the time, Isabel Edvardsson, and revealed: “We're still very, very close friends.” (can)