dThe Bundesliga still has a lot to do in terms of external marketing. Did you see that? The images of Hong Kong that went around the world? 40,000 fans in the stadium were beside themselves on Sunday. Because Lionel Messi In the shot between Inter Miami and the “Hong Kong-Elf”, I have no idea what is behind this mix of footballers, it was not used. An absurdity, an outrage, a scandal! In Germany it would have rained: chocolate coins and tennis balls. Don't you watch the Bundesliga? Banaues!

Arrest. They were simply ill-prepared. They didn't imagine this: Messi sitting when they had promised him. There were advertisements all over the city: the football messiah Hong Kong, but not for a city tour. After all, the man is a magician.

One thing is clear: money back!

Okay, Coldplay and Taylor Swift Recently I preferred to go to Singapore. Hong Kong is not so sexy anymore. And so the Ministry of Sports saw the opportunity to give the metropolis a kick with Messi: 45 minutes guaranteed by contract. And now they are complaining. Because it pinched the Argentine's thigh. One thing is clear: money back!

Moment. Don't the people of Hong Kong, capitalists through and through, know how to do business? It would probably be the first time, we say here, without protection. Blinded by Messi's charisma, perhaps, by his nobility of always wanting to play?

Now you have one more experience. That the cult of personality that surrounds guys like Messi or Ronaldo obscures our vision of reality. That we are dealing with people, not robots. There is something wrong that cannot be verified. And when the pinching begins in the cenacle because desire sends a signal that today, sorry, I'm sorry, I'm indisposed. I'm sorry.

Messi can be an invaluable figure. But there is someone on his team who you should at least enjoy watching if you were or are really interested in football. And yes, Sergio Busquets played. At least 30 minutes.