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Luis Díaz’s father cried with joy Thursday as he watched his son score twice as Colombia beat Brazil 2-1 in a 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

Luis Manuel Díaz fell on top of other Cafeteros fans in the stands of the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla and cried with his wife Cilenis Marulanda while they celebrated their son’s goals.

The Liverpool attacker’s father was kidnapped and held captive for almost two full weeks by National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas before being reunited with his son and family on Tuesday.

“I thank God,” Díaz said after securing victory with his double. “He makes everything possible. We have always lived through difficult times, but life makes you strong and brave. So is football and so is life. We deserved this victory.”

Díaz scored two headers four minutes apart, the first in the 75th minute and the second in the 79th to secure Colombia’s first victory over Brazil in World Cup qualifying in 15 attempts.

“He’s a friend and he suffered a lot these last few days,” said Brazilian goalkeeper and Liverpool teammate Alisson Becker. “This goes beyond football: he deserves it.”

Díaz’s parents were kidnapped by armed men on motorcycles in Barrancas on October 28, although the player’s mother was rescued by police just hours after her capture by the ELN.

Díaz’s Colombia’s next game is Paraguay on Tuesday as the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers continue in South America.

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