Fritz Wepper died on March 25 at the age of 82. Today, the funeral service of the acting legend took place in Munich.

Fritz Wepper was one of the giants of the German television screen. On March 25, after a long and serious illness, he fell asleep peacefully in the hospice, as his wife Susanne Kellermann (49) told BUNTE Magazin at the time. The actor was 82 years old.

Wepper had entertained German TV audiences for decades – for example as detective assistant Harry Klein in the cult series “Derrick”. Wepper also starred in the popular ARD series “For Heaven's sake” and lived out his comic side as the sly mayor Wolfgang Wöller.

Watch the video: This is how the funeral of Fritz Wepper (†82) went

“Bayern will lose a great actor and an important personality”

“With Fritz Wepper, Bavaria is losing a great actor and an important personality,” emphasized Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), who was invited to a small memorial service. “Instead of a big career in Hollywood, he chose family and homeland.” Fierce, cheerful, sometimes Bavarianly gruff and always lovable, Wepper put his own stamp on every role, film fan Söder said. “His death leaves a great void.”

Funeral service in Munich

His loved ones – especially his daughter Filippa (12) – and many friends could say goodbye to the legend together. reporter Larissa Jerger was on the spot and kept sharing her impressions.

Among the mourners were many film and television personalities

Among the mourners are numerous personalities from film and television: for example Uschi Glas (80) and Bernd Herzsprung (82) and of course the Wepper family from “For Heaven's sake” with Janina Hartwig (62), Emanuela von Frankenberg (63), Lars Weström (53) and Andrea Wildner (71).

World star Vicky Leandros (71), Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (57, CSU), Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter (65) and publisher Hubert Burda (84) will also say goodbye to Wepper. The three men are sitting next to Filippa in the church, Susanne and their mother Marlene Kellermann (80) are in the front row. Publisher Hubert Burda also invites you to an afternoon funeral.

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