Best regards: Marcel Sabitzer scores two goals in Gladbach.
Image: AFP

His signing raised high hopes in Dortmund, but turned out to be a disappointment for a long time. In the 2-1 victory in Gladbach he impressed as a goalscorer and fighter, and aroused curiosity.

vMarcel Sabitzer made no mistake during his excellent performance on Saturday afternoon Borussia Dortmund won 2-1 in Mönchengladbach. The 31-year-old Austrian scored both of BVB's goals and coach Edin Terzic praised the BVB professional's “extraordinary game.” However, the biggest emotion of the afternoon, a curiosity hitherto unknown in the Bundesliga, arose from Sabitzer's mistake.

The Dortmund midfielder took the first penalty in Bundesliga history, which the referees considered unjustified and annulled after it had already been taken successfully. “There was a whistle, I heard it one hundred percent,” Sabitzer said, “but it probably came from the stands, the permission to take the penalty was still missing when Sabitzer shot.”


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