“Markus Lanz” is one of the best-known talk shows on German television. The host of the same name has hosted the show since 2008 and received criticism for his moderating style, especially in the early years. Over time, however, he has become one of the most important German talk show hosts in Germany and has been producing his own TV shows with the production company mhoch2 since 2011. His guests include the country's most recognized politicians, important heads of state. The German economy and currently the most popular factions and their representatives. But his show also regularly features important people from the art and culture scene as well as the press.

Markus Lanz welcomes his guests at different times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday later in the evening
ZDF. He has already criticized his home station ZDF for the fact that the start times of the talk show can vary widely, but the talk show still has stable ratings.

Markus Lanz: Today's guests

The following guests will be present this Wednesday, April 17 at 12:00 p.m.:

Philipp Amthor, CDU politician

The 31-year-old explains his party's concepts of social, labor and pension policies and says: “Germany cannot afford to work less without losing prosperity.”

Katharina Stolla, leader of the Green Youth

He talks about the wishes and needs of young people when choosing a career and a job, and explains why he is in favor of a four-day week with full salary compensation.

“Markus Lanz” runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at various times and is then available in the media library.

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The original of this article “Markus Lanz: They are the guests on April 17” comes from TV Spielfilm.

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