MediaMarktSATURN: 16 percent on (almost) everything

Starts before Valentine's Day.
MediaMarktSATURN still has its popular VAT campaign. All customers receive free VAT both online and in stores. On smartphones, televisions, appliances and much more you get a huge 16 percent discount*. The action takes place from February 8 (8:00 p.m.) to February 12 (8:59 a.m.) rather. Maybe there's one or two here Gift for the celebration of love.

During this time The merchant pays his customers 19 percent VAT. Of course, this will still appear on the invoice, but only at a correspondingly lower amount. Since the VAT portion is calculated based on the net price, the actual discount is included. about 16 percent – 15.966 percent to be exact. This is deducted from the respective purchase price and also applies to items with 7 percent VAT. For example, if the price of a laptop is 1,189 euros, within the framework of the campaign this price drops to less than 1,000 euros.

As a mySaturn customer, you can also benefit twice during the promotional period. In addition to the huge discount, you will also receive 1,000 extra points while shopping.

Since the promotion is very popular, the products offered may sold out quickly be. Additionally, offers are only valid while supplies last. If the desired product is out of stock on Saturn, it is usually worth taking a look at

Promotion valid for selected and marked items at Media Markt and SATURN Markt in Germany starting February 9. until February 10, 2024 (also applies to purchases on Sunday February 11, 2024, please note the local opening times of your market) and in the MediaMarkt online shop at or in-store SATURN online on from February 8 at 8:00 p.m. (in the MediaMarkt app or SATURN from February 8 at 7:00 a.m.) until February 12, 2024 at 8:00 a.m.: 59 hours. Adult private end customers receive a discount on items that are in stock or immediately available online in the amount of the part of the VAT included that would be applied to the awarded price. The VAT portion corresponds to a discount of 15.966% of the respective purchase price and also applies to items with a VAT of 7%. When buying on the market, the deduction is already included in the price; online, the deduction is made in the shopping cart. Excluded manufacturers and items: Apple (except AirPods Max), AVM, Amazon, Blink, SIGMA, Tchibo Cafissimo, Tchibo, KOENIC, ok., HTC, PEAQ, ARCADE 1UP, ABSAAR, Liebherr, Miele, BLAZE, PLAION (EU), SUNSET, OSNATECH, NEXT LEVEL RACING, META (except META Quest 2), Microsoft (except Microsoft Xbox console and selected and marked Xbox controllers), the following Samsung brand product groups: smartphones, handheld devices, laptops, convertibles and tablets; Sony PS5 PORTAL remote player, SONY disc drive for PS5, Sony PS4 controller, DYSON V15s Detect Submarine stick vacuum cleaner, solar systems and their components (balcony power systems, plugs, cables, memory), B&O Beoplay Portal, ink, toner, paper, software and games, pre-order items, any type of download –/content –/game cards and codes, credit cards, voucher cards/boxes, prepaid cards, movies and music, books/e-books , additional guarantees, services offered or negotiated by MediaMarktSaturn, shipping costs, Nespresso capsules, food, photo works and books, PC components, contracts and sales from and with third-party suppliers and all products marked as treasure items, excluding B2B, demonstration products. No cash payment. Cannot be combined with other promotions (coupons). Sold only in domestic quantities.