Alicia Bárcena, Foreign Minister of Mexico, at a press conference on the storming of the Mexican embassy in Ecuador.
Image: AFP

After the storming of its embassy in Ecuador, Mexico broke off all diplomatic relations. Now the country is demanding stricter consequences before the World Court.

MAfter the raid on its embassy in Ecuador, exiko sued the South American country before the United Nations World Court. Mexico accuses the government in Quito of violating the UN agreement on diplomatic relations, the Hague-based International Court of Justice said on Thursday. Mexico wants Ecuador's UN membership to be suspended until the country publicly apologizes and admits its wrongdoing. The incident sparked outrage around the world, and Mexico broke off diplomatic relations with Ecuador.

Ecuadorian security forces violently entered the Mexican embassy last Friday and arrested former Vice President Jorge Glas. Glas took refuge in the embassy last December and applied for political asylum. The 54-year-old has been convicted twice of corruption in Ecuador. Ecuador considers the asylum offered by Glass to be illegal. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke of a violation of international law and a violation of Mexican sovereignty.

Last Saturday, several Latin American states unanimously condemned the breach of diplomatic rules under which embassies are considered territories of the countries they represent. Left-wing governments such as those in Brazil and Colombia as well as more conservative ones such as those in Argentina and Uruguay strongly rejected the actions of the Ecuadorian security forces.