After nearly 30 years in the hit industry, it's over: Singer Michelle says goodbye to her final album and tour. In the interview, he talked about pressure in the industry, unpleasant experiences and his tax debts.

With a farewell album and a final tour, pop singer Michelle wants to put a good 30 years behind her in the music industry. In an interview with “Stern” magazine, he talked about the ups and downs of his career, of which the 52-year-old has experienced a lot. He said of the pressures of the hit industry and the pursuit of perfection: “I always had a whip around my neck.” Since then, she has realized, “I should have taken better care of myself.”

Michelle also talked about her tax debts in the interview. Regarding his sentence for tax evasion, he said: “At the moment we are trying to prove that it is not my fault for not paying taxes.” Background: The well-known singer had to repay 160,000 euros last year. to the tax office – he takes care of it since then, takes care of his own accounting again and no longer trusts any adviser: “Only I have access to my account.”

Michelle talks about the pressures of the hit industry and her tax debts

The 52-year-old is not having an easy time. But Michelle knows how to deal with obstacles and setbacks. Even his start in the music business was attributed to unpleasant experiences he had to go through as an underage teenager. At the beginning of her career, she came across unreasonable offers while looking for a studio for her first single, as Michelle reveals in an interview: «Everyone said they wanted to listen to it. But only if I enter into sexual relations with them.” Although he was only 15-16 years old then…

After her career ends, Michelle wants to focus on her new love

It's no wonder that the lioness Michelle keeps a close eye on the careers of her two older daughters, Marie Reim (23) and Céline Oberloher (27). As you know, Marie is also a singer, her sister Céline is a trained actress.

And Michelle herself? Apparently, fame and success are not as important to them as they once were. His album “Flutlicht”, which will be released on July 5, 2024, will reportedly be his last. In the future, the pop star would like to devote himself to his private life and to his new love, 27-year-old pop singer Eric Philippi: “I no longer believed that such a deep love for me still exists on this earth. “

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